About Us

Welcome to Family Craft Studio!

My name is Diana, and I began this blog as a place where I could accumulate DIY crafts ideas and projects, find inspiration for creating, and share works in progress as I go along. 

I have been an avid crafter only in more recent years, but art and crafting has been a part of my family’s activities for a very long time. I’m hoping to share with you more what goes on with my creative family, from my crafty grandmother in Panama to my little painting niece.

My projects will primarily be in the crochet and knitting arenas, as they are my current favorites. However, I try to pick up new skills in needle-crafting and textiles as often as I can, so you’ll find plenty of everything here. 

Now, a few random things about myself and my family:

My parents are from Panama, where the majority of our family still lives, but they came to the United States many decades ago by now. They, and the rest of the older generation of my family, worked very hard so that their children would have better opportunities in life. So thank you mom and pop! I’m the younger of two siblings, which means I have the best big brother anyone could ask for. There is a nine year gap between us, so my brother Vito is a big brother, a second-father, a teacher, and an amazing friend. 

I am also married to a wonderful person. Craig. He is amazingly creative and talented as a graphic designer, an animator, and a marketer. Busy as he is, he has been an awesome support in my crafting endeavors, my continuing education, and my complicated health. 

Each of my parents have many siblings, so that allowed me to inherit dozens of first cousins, even more first cousins once removed, and an increasing number of first cousins twice removed! Even a few first cousins thrice removed! Many of these, from both sides of my family, are great artists and crafters too, so I’ll be sure to share their work with you as well.

When I’m not crafting and buying too much yarn (ahem), I’m reading, listening to lectures, and researching all types of academic fields. Primarily (and currently), my interests are in social sciences, biological sciences, and quantum physics. 

I’ll update more as life goes on, but if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message anytime.

Warm Regards,

Diana from Family Craft Studio