Block-Border Baby Blanket – Part 1

Busy Busy!

This December is going to be busy! There are going to be six birthdays in my family (that I can remember), Christmas get-togethers, and lots of travel back and forth. But what I’m particularly excited about is that this December I’m going to be an aunt! *does a twitchy happy dance*


My cousin Kimtsy and her beau are having a baby. Being older than her, I feel a bit like I need to hover over her and keep asking her if she’s okay, but I hold back. I know she’s a smart and tough young woman, so as scary as having her first baby can be, I know she can handle it. I can’t say the same about myself, as I resist the urge to call her on a daily basis. Heheh.


Pattern Hunting

To contain my excitement (and defy the drive to protectively hover around my cousin) I set immediately about making a baby blanket, as I do for all the new babies that come into my family (close friends included, of course). So I scoured the internet, book store craft sections, and craft store book sections (intentional play on words!) to find the pattern I wanted to use for my new nephew’s blanket. Needless to say, as a crafter, I got hopelessly distracted for a few days and didn’t get anywhere productive. But finally a pattern was selected and the blanket started!


Of Yarn and Hook

After the pattern was picked out, the yarn was another endeavor that would have taken me forever to settle on had not Kimtsy simply told me the colors she’d like for the blanket. That saved me a good week of burying myself in yarn piles in my stash at home and the craft stores. Saved me plenty of time and my husband from attempting to run before I ask him what he thinks of my giant piles of potential yarn selections. He’s much better with colors, in my opinion, because of his natural artistic talents and art and design training. But I’m too indecisive, so I’m pretty sure he was keeping an eye on the exit and, when he could, would make a quick dash for it. Bless him, he tries to help though!


There is a tradition I like to follow when I make baby blankets for family and friends: I always use the same crochet hook. It’s my old aluminum, size “I”, Boye brand crochet hook. Not only is it my go-to hook for these baby blankets, but it’s special to me for sentimental reasons. It was the first hook my mother gave me when I was twelve years old and she taught me how to crochet. The poor thing has its color faded by now, but it has been my partner in every baby blanket I have made in the last decade.


The Main Event

I found a booklet by Leisure Arts publications in JoAnn with cute baby blanket patterns in it, and selected one that had a border of little granny squares (with the mommy’s approval, of course). Snatching up the right yarn, I set to work. I used LionBrand yarn Heartland Terrior in acadia (off white) for the main color, Bernat yarns Satin in fern (green), and Bernat yarns Satin in Sage (aqua shade). I really love these yarns! Not only are the colors pretty together, but the yarns are so soft! Here are a couple of pictures of my progress so far. Stay tuned in for the second part of this project where I can show you the last bit of progress and the finished work. Remember to leave a comment below, or go to the Family Craft Studio facebook, tumblr, or instagram page.





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