Block Stitch Baby Blanket (part 2-final)

Baby Blanket

Hello everyone! I’m jumping into the blog to do a quick update post on a baby blanket I had in the works. My friend Susana just had her baby, a beautiful little bundle, so I wanted to make sure they got the blanket soon. I picked up my crochet hook and stitched like the wind!


Distracted Again

There wasn’t much left to finish up the blanket, which makes me wonder how I could possibly have taken so long to finish at all. I’m sure many other crafters would understand what it is like to get distracted part way through a project. That’s what happened to me. The end-of-the-year projects rushed towards me, and I had to tackle them before christmas. Then, as is often the case, I lost track of the time and before I knew it, baby-time was upon me.



Block Stitch

I was a little over half way through the blanket the last time I worked on it. And with the practice I had through previous block stitch cowl projects I had recently finished, I still had the muscle memory to continue this stitch for the baby blanket. It worked up fairly quickly.


Shipped Off

Finished with a nice scallops border of shells gave the blanket a pretty frame. Once that was done, the only thing left was for me to package it up and ship it off. I hope it keeps the new baby warm.


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