Christmas Gift Granny Square Blanket – part 4

So Close!

I can see the end in sight! I’m a little further along in the aqua blanket, the last of the five granny square blanket project. As you know by now I have finished the last four blankets. You can find progress report and some pictures for those here.



But on to the last one! With the first four blankets done, three of them delivered and the last one pending delivery, my attention is completely on the last throw.


I’m about half way through making the 100 squares and sticking them together.



What’s Happening

I was planning on being further ahead in the blanket, if not done. But I hit a few rough patches with my fibro symptoms and it slowed me down a bit more.


Mom was able to help me with a few squares, but it seems chasing a toddler around a few hours every day is way more exhausting than her body could handle recently. So my little cousin has her all to herself for a time. Heheheh.


The rest of the time goes to the bratty cat Daphne who follows mom around meowing loudly for attention.


Yesterday I had the intention of crocheting a few more rows of granny squares for the blanket, but it seems that my fibro and allergy symptoms were going to take most of my attention. So instead I spent the morning quite sick and my afternoon slowly shuffling around the house with some tea in hand.


I watched mom run around the house with the mischievous toddler previously mentioned: fun, messy finger painting, chasing mom around the yard with the hose, and trying to negotiate more cookies onto her plate in still-broken toddler-speak.



Evening came and I was able to settle outside with mom to talk a little while.


We discussed how gigantic her garden was getting. And I teased her about how she was only trying to recreate the jungles of Panama where she grew up.




It’s interesting to explore her jungle-garden; you can find all kinds of fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers, and plants.




And occasionally, a fat cat.




When the evening was closing, my achy joints felt a little relief, so I sat down to stitch on a few more granny squares onto the aqua blanket.


Next Time

Next time I have an update, I hope to show you the finished granny square blanket.


Oh! And if you’re curious how to make the granny squares the way I do, you can use the tutorial for the Mama Gamez Granny Square here.


I’m off to work on a few more patterns I have in mind to share with you all in the coming weeks. Remember to leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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