Christmas Gift Granny Square Blanket – part 5 (final)


It’s been over a year since I started this 5-blanket project. I should have known that I’d get distracted, sidetracked, and to the point that I would stubbornly refuse to pick up the projects at some times because I need a physical or mental break. But I’m happy to report that I have finally put in the last stitch in to the last granny square blanket.

So here we go! Some pictures of the last blanket.


Granny Squares

I’ve been working on this project for a bit now, and I’m glad that I documented the progress as I went along. If you’re interested in looking at the other posts, they are listed below:


The Pattern

I use a classic granny square pattern to make this blanket. Specifically, I use the method my mother taught me back when I first learned to crochet, a million years ago. Heheh.


I typed up the patterns I use and posted them recently here on the blog. You can find the Mama Gamez Granny Square Pattern here.


Giving Them Away

And now I’m ready to give the blankets away to my two little cousins. Actually, I saw them again recently and they are not quite so little anymore. I think they’re both taller than me! Not that it’s much of a stretch, but still! Hahaha! 


I’ll be seeing them later this week, I hope, to give them their blankets. Perfect timing for the cooler season arriving in the next couple of months.


All Five Blankets

I’m so pleased with how these blankets turned out. They are cozy and pretty. My cousins tells me that the girls (their daughters, that received the first 3 blankets) have been enjoying their throw blankets. The eldest is napping with them. The next oldest is walking around the house wrapped in hers. And the youngest, the toddler, refused to go nap without it. What a way to feel appreciated! 


The last two blankets were fun to make too. I really enjoyed the color combinations for these too. The Dark blanket has a nice red center that makes it pop. And this last aqua blue granny blanket just looked bright and lovely.


I’m glad to have this project done because I have a lot of other large projects in the works that I’d like to devote time to as well. Next I’ll be documenting a ripple blanket for another cousin. I’ll share pictures soon. But for today, I’ll bask in the good feeling of a job-well-done.


Remember to leave me a comment or any questions below! You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. If you make a project with the Mama Gamez Granny Square Pattern, remember to tag me #familycraftstudio in your social media pages so I can share a picture of your pretty craft work! Happy crafting!

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