Christmas Gift Granny Square Blankets – part 1

Christmas Gifts

Hello crafters! I know I must not be the only one who has started making Christmas presents. But I think I’m in way over my head…again. As usual, I have chosen a set of projects that are way bigger than I anticipated. Five blankets! For my little cousins, two of which are not quite so little any more. *sighs* Kids grow up so fast. The two oldest are teens now, getting ready to finish high school. Smart, talented teens. Two are a bit younger, still in elementary school. Sweet and energetic kids. And the youngest is a toddler. She is a cutie with more energy than adults and no off switch.


I can at least say that I anticipated this taking a while, so I chose the classic granny square pattern so that I can make a few squares at a time, take the project with me on the go, and still see some kind of progress. All good things.


Of Squares And Colors

My usual choice for granny square throws is to do 4-round squares in twelve rows by twelve columns. Usually, this works out just fine for me. I make all 144 squares and piece them together. But with so many blankets in the works, I was in need of narrowing the work just a little. So for these blankets I’m making 10 by 10 square throws with 5-rounds each.


Next, I collected favorite-color choices for the blankets: Purples, Tiffany Blue, Black, and Pink. Yarn hunting was tougher than I thought! I still haven’t found the right Tiffany Blue yarn in worsted weight, although I think a nice one in Caron Simply Soft might work. The center for the purple, pink, and blue blankets will be an off white. I wanted to start light to dark in each round after that, ending with a 5th round in off white again. With the black blanket though, I chose to start the center of the granny square with a dark blue and then each round would be from a lighter grey to darker grey to black. A bit different, but just as comfy.




What I Have So Far

I’ve started on the pink and two purple blankets already. Happily, I’ve reached the last row of the pink blanket. And I’m doing well with the two purples. With the baby shower coming up mid-November, and me volunteering to help make decorations for it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to run short on time to get all these crafty things done by the end of the year. But try I shall!


I should take this one blanket at a time, but I get impatient and start too many projects at once. Let’s just call it multi-tasking. đŸ˜‰Â  The pink one, the one furthest along, is made in Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn in Aran (off white), which is the same as the purple blankets and the blue blanket. The pinks are different hues of Red Heart pinks: Super Saver Baby Pink and Light Raspberry and With Love Hot Pink.


This cute purple blanket is finally on the third rounds. It will be similar to the other purple blanket (as the pictures a little further up showed), but with one lighter tint of purple than the next one. I started with the same off white as the pink blanket. Then I moved on Red Heart yarns again: Super Saver Light Plum, then Orchid, then Medium Purple.


The darer purple blanket also starts with the off white from Loops and Threads. But this one begins with a darker purple than the other. Red Heart Super Saver: Orchid, Medium Purple, and then Dark Orchid. I’ll be honest; it threw me off a little at first when I was working on the first rounds for the purple blankets. My vision is awful some days and the light plum and orchid hues are similar at first. And these pictures probably don’t help either.

What Am I Doing?

How it looks from round to round!

round one!

Round One!


Round Two in pink

Round Two in pink


Round Two in pink

Round Two in pink


Round Two in light plum

Round Two in light plum


Round Two in light plum

Round Two in light plum


Round Three for pink

Round Three for pink


Round Three for pink

Round Three for pink


Round Four for pink

Round Four for pink


A bit of everything, including a 5-round finished square.

A bit of everything, including a 5-round finished square.


Until the Next Time

So here is my progress so far. Next post on this, hopefully I’ll be much further along with at least one blanket done. Soon I’ll post up the patterns I use for my basic granny squares, so you can all use those too. The one’s I use work perfectly with the Mama Gamez’s Flower Granny Square pattern I have posted before; you can get the flower pattern here. So what are you working on for your handmade christmas blankets? Be sure to leave me a comment below or any questions you might have. Happy crafting!


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