Christmas Gift Granny Square Blankets – part 2

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Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted about some of my long-term projects. So it’s time to catch up. You can see the blog post with part 1 here. Now, as you have figured out by now, my title indicates that this is about a christmas gift I had been working on…and I’m late. Very late. It is a set of granny square blankets I wanted to make as christmas gifts for my younger cousins. Five in total. And I can at least say that I have not been idle in working on these all these months. My health isn’t always top notch, so I have to work around the symptom flare-ups for my fibromyalgia. And the colder it has gotten, the slower I am at crocheting. I’m certain some of you will understand what it is like having a chronic pain illness, or know someone who has a similar problem. But I’m glad to say that it hasn’t stopped me from crafting just yet!

I’ll be honest though! I, like many other crafters, get carried away and want to start more projects than I can handle sometimes. And, as my last blog post indicates, I also needed to finish a set of crochet accessories for some of my friends and their families. I’m glad to say those are done and were mailed out recently. Now I can focus my attention fully on the granny square blanket projects I have going still.

Still At It

Now, in all this time, as I mentioned, I have been working on these throws. So I want to show you all a progress report on how far along I am.

The dark purple, light purple, and pink blankets are ready to be assembled! *twitchy happy dance* And I’m well on my way with the other two blankets for my other younger cousins: one in greys and black and one in Tiffany blue hues (sort of aqua-ish).

So here we go!

The Dark Purple Blanket

Made with the darker purple shades, this blanket is for the oldest of three sisters. With the last round in the creamy color, it is ready for assembly.





The Light Purple Blanket

For the middle sister of three girls, this lighter purple blanket is pretty.




The Pink Blanket

This colorful, bright throw is for the youngest of three sisters. She is very young still, so she’ll have room to grow into it.




The Black and Grey Blanket

As much as I love the other blankets, this one is made with colors that are right up my alley. I used Bernat Super Value in Cherry Red for the center then worked my way out with a grey scale: Big Twist Sincerely in Light Grey, Big Twist Value in Medium Grey, Red Heart Soft in Charcoal, and then Red Heart Super Saver in Black.



The Aqua Blanket

And this is the aqua blanket! This one was a challenge to find the right colors to go in a gradient together. But it worked out. I started with a Loops and Threads Impeccable in Aran (same as the outer round) and went out from there with Bernat Giggles in Giggling Green, Red Heart Super Saver in Aruba Sea, and then in Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in Swifter Sea. As a side note, I want to point out that the Patons yarn is a thicker yarn than the others, so I have had to make my stitches tighter just to make sure my gauge isn’t thrown off too badly; I just couldn’t pass up the color because it was perfect for the blanket.



‘Til Next Time!

Making progress! Next time I’m sure the first blankets will be assembled and the other two will be much further along. Remember to leave me a comment or questions below. Or you can find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, or tumblr pages. Happy crafting!

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