Christmas Gift Granny Square Blankets – part 3


Hello my dears! As some of you know, I have been working on the granny square blankets for, what seems like, forever. But I’m close to finishing! So let’s go over the progress report.

I have finished 4 of the 5 blankets and am so close to finishing the last one. Clearly, contrary to the title of the blog post, I have missed the christmas deadline of 2015. But that’s ok, because I am simply giving the blankets as gifts for other occasions as they come along.


A big thanks to my mom and husband for helping me out. My fibro symptoms have been going through some tough patches, and their help with either making squares or stitching them together has been invaluable.

A new development, along with the blanket-project nearing an end, is that someone liked the way I made the granny squares and requested the pattern. So if you would like to know how to make these, check out the pattern for the one-sided, two-sided, and color-change squares here.

Side note: you can see the first two parts of this project here (for part 1) and here (for part 2).


Pink and Purples

The pink and purple blankets have been finished and given away to my little cousins. Lining the squares up two rows at a time (10 per row) I connected the squares using slip stitches. After doing this to all rows in one direction, I rotated the blanket and slip stitched my way across the other direction. And finished the blanket by bordering the whole thing witha granny square stitch.

The dark purple blanket was to go to the oldest of 3 sisters. She has recieved the throw just in time for her high school graduation, which is perfect because she has chosen a university in a colder area, so the blanket will come in quite handy.



The lighter purple granny blanket has gone to the middle sister. And as reports from her mother have it, she walks around the house, wrapped up in the blanket when she is chillin’ at home.



The pink blanket has gone to the youngest sister, a toddler of unending energy. And her mom tells me that during bedtime the blanket has become a requirement. What a way to feel appreciated!



Black and Aqua

I decided to use a tapestry needle to connect these granny squares with whip stitches. So they look a bit different than the other blankets, but overall quite equally nice.

The black and red blanket is also done. Woo hoo! *twitchy happy dance* This one is going to one of my not-so-little-anymore, little cousins. My goodness how he’s grown!



And finally, the last blanket is near an end! This one is going to the little sister of the young man that is getting the black throw. I must say, matching the aqua gradient yarns to her favorite color (Tiffany blue) was tough. But I’m happy with the results so far.



Until Next Time

There will be one more progress report after this with all the finished blankets. So stay tuned in to see how that turns out.


Remember to leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, pinterest, and tumblr pages. Happy crafting!

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    […] I can see the end in sight! I’m a little further along in the aqua blanket, the last of the five granny square blanket project. As you know by now I have finished the last four blankets. You can find progress report and some pictures for those here. […]

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