The Colors That Inspired Me Today

Hi to all and welcome to my first blog post!

Earlier today I ran through a list of things I might talk about in my first blog post, but nothing really seemed to be right.  I thought of beginning a craft of some kind just for this occasion, but that didn’t feel right either.  I looked and looked for something that would spark my interest and inspire me to write, but nothing struck me.  And so I found myself completely stuck, frustrated, and worse of all, uninspired.

And that’s when it hit me….

One of the things that always gets me inspired and ready to go in all my crafts are colors, so why not share how I find inspiration for my work?  I love finding color combinations that just look wonderful together!  Colors combined in just the right way can interpret, express, and explain ideas, moods, and feelings!

So how do I go about finding Inspiring Color Combinations?

  • Color combos can be in a set that you wouldn’t expect would go together.
  • They can be mixed together to give the feeling of texture and depth, while inversely using texture and depth to add to the beauty of the colors.
  • And most importantly, inspiring color combinations can be found anywhere and on anything.  So I had to keep my eyes open!

Going out to find the colors when staying in doesn’t work:

Sometimes, at least for me, looking through the internet, books, and magazines that I have at home just doesn’t work.  They do have beautiful color combinations thanks to graphic designers, art directors, and artists of all kinds, but part of what inspires me is seeing my discovery right in front of me.  So I grabbed my camera (and my husband) and headed out!

Finding Colors!

All around there is potential for color inspiration! Keep your eyes open and you’ll know when you see it.  You may find it in places you didn’t expect.  I know I certainly didn’t think I would find a color combination on three different sun-catcher ornaments that seemed to be lined up just right, or from three skirts that happened to be lined up one by the other in the perfect color gradient.  Open your mind to possibilities, and let the world inspire you.

You are welcome to leave comments and questions below.


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