Crafty Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Wrapping Presents

With the end of the year here many of us are buying and making gifts for our friends and families.  For a crafter, half the fun of giving a gift is going to be in getting to wrap it in a creative way.  I’m fortunate to have family that really stops to appreciate my efforts, however small, in wrapping the presents I give them.  Though, giving is more to see how much they like what they get, I must admit, I partially do it to have fun wrapping it.  I’ve found some awesome, crafty gift-wrapping ideas that I wanted to share.


Scrapbooking and Paper Craft Wrapping

For the paper crafters and scrapbookers, I have something interesting for you to help you personalize the gifts’ packaging for the receivers.  Stampington & Company has this awesome Parisian Presents post that shows lovely images of a Paris themed gift-wrapping idea.

Parisian Presents from Stampington & Company

Parisian Presents from Stampington & Company

Stampington & Company also has this awesome idea for a scrapbook paper doll idea to personalize this gift for a young girl or Wonderland fan.

Wonderland Themed Gift Wrapping from Stampington & Company

Wonderland Themed Gift Wrapping from Stampington & Company

The blog A Spoonful of Sugar has a great idea for scrapbooking and paper crafting gift bags.  This is a great idea for those of us (ehem, like me) who are not as talented at actually wrapping gifts.  The wrapping paper…it eludes me.

a decorated gift bag from A Spoonful of Sugar


Items from Nature and Your Craft Stash

Style Me Pretty has posted a great tutorial on how to use items from your stash of crafty goods and items from nature to be creative with gift-wrapping this holiday season.


Natural Items Gift Wrapping from Style Me Pretty

Roost has a great set of recipes that go along with this lovely packaging.  Using items from outdoors are a great way to personalize a gift and make it look unique under the tree.

Using leaves and twigs to gift wrap from Roost Blog

Using leaves and twigs to gift wrap from Roost Blog

The Odessa May Society has a lovely present wrapping tutorial on how to do a Woodland Wrapping idea for one of your gifts.

Woodland Wrapping from Odessa May Society


Fabric Craft Wrapping

Using fabric to wrap gifts seems to be a growing trend.  Personally, I have found that I rather like it because sometimes a fabric’s pattern can match the personality of the person receiving the gift more than the pattern of paper I may have available.  Bearing Fruit has a great and simple blog post showing a lovely gift-wrapping idea with a brown paper base and a lining of fabric tied with yarn and topped with a crafty bow.


crafty fabric wrapping from Bearing Fruit

Canvas Corp has another set of ideas that use fabric to wrap presents and personalize them in a crafty way.  It’s very ‘mixed media”.

creative fabric wrapping from Canvas Corp

The Merriment blog has a post with a guest blogger that provided some awesome ideas to use fabric as a way to wrap gifts.  Very clever and cute!

simple fabric wrapping from the Merriment Blog


Simple Craft Projects and Your-Stash-of-Goodies Wrapping

Bernat Yarns has a great pattern for a Knitted Poinsettia Gift Topper.  This is a simple and lovely pattern that not only looks wonderful on the gift, but can be used again in another crafty project.

Knitted Poinsettia Gift Topper from Bernat Yarns

Knitted Poinsettia Gift Topper from Bernat Yarns

Obstinate Pursuit has a post that shows this lovely idea for gift-wrapping.  Though there is no tutorial to go along with this, I just had to include it!  Because many of the items on the package are simple to get and wrap, or simple to make if you find a good tutorial online, the rest should be easy to put together.  Fabric flowers, ribbons, cardstock, stamped designs (leaves in this one), and a good sense of composition.

card stock, ribbons, and fabric flowers wrapping from Obstinate Pursuit

Featured on the blog Baci Designer, this idea caught my eye.  A simple brown paper wrapping with brooches and ribbons to top it.  Very pretty in its simplicity.

brooches and ribbons wrapping from Baci Designer

brooches and ribbons wrapping from Baci Designer


A Few Extra ideas

I rather like this next idea for the teacher in your life: a gift-wrapping idea that looks like a chalkboard.  Nashville Wraps Community shows you how to do it and what to use.

looks like chalkboard wrapping from the Nashville Wraps Community

Sunset has a nice and simple idea to stamp brown Kraft paper wrapping to customize your crafty gift-wrapping.

stamping Kraft paper wrapping from Sunset

A photographer named Abby Fisher had this great idea to use photos and memories to label the wrapped gifts instead of labeling them with tags.  A great idea, simple and beautiful!

photos labels wrapping from photographer Abby Fisher

photos labels wrapping from photographer Abby Fisher


Your Turn to Wrap!

I hope you can use some of these crafty gift wrapping ideas for the presents you will be giving away this holiday season.  Personally, I wish I could do all of them, but I’m a bit short on time because of finals in school.  That’s all right though, because all of you get to put these ideas to some good use!  Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

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