Crochet Reverse V-Stitch Cowl Pattern – AKA Leo’s Cowl of Coolness

The End of the Year

Hello crafters! It has been a bit since I’ve posted a new crochet accessory pattern, so I’d say it’s about time. But I have a good excuse for not having done so. I swear! The end of this year seems to be full of events and craziness around here, so it has slowed me down a bit in my crocheting. Unfortunately, not all my distractions lately have been good or easily handled as others are. Some family and I live very close to the location where the San Bernardino shooting happened, just a couple streets away, so we were scrambling for that day and a couple days after to make sure we were all okay and accounted for. Luckily we are, and we can now focus our thoughts instead on those that were affected directly by the events that day. And just as I thought things were toning down, one of my aunts became acutely ill and is in intensive care right now. It’s been a few days, and things are looking better, but we are fairly certain things are going to be okay.

Not everything has been so negative though. My cat Daphne has been entertaining now that the christmas tree and mom’s nativity town has gone up. We hear ornaments tingling late in the darkness of the night and find them strewn about the house in the morning. Catching her in the act of misbehaving is even funnier, because she freezes and gets wide-eyed, stares at you as though you will do something to her, but with her paw is slowly reaching for the shiny ornament to keep messing with it, as though you don’t see what she’s doing. I have also put a lot of my focus on the Star Wars coffee cozy patterns I’ve been publishing lately, so be sure to go check those out in previous posts.  And the granny square throw blankets I’ve been working on are taking over the house. So many squares! There will be an update blog post about those soon too.

But let’s get started! I have a new pattern for you to try, just in time for the holidays.


Leo’s Cowl of Coolness

It is named after and by my cousin Leo. He requested a cowl because it is quite cold where he lives. Seeing as how the cowl was for him, I saw it fit to name it after him. I also let him name the pattern. And that is where I should have anticipated the purposefully cheesy name. Too late! It’s named and official. So I give you the Leo’s Cowl of Coolness Pattern.



I usually stick to the materials I list below, but you can adjust the yarn and hook size to fit the gauge anyway you see fit.

  • Size “I” Hook
  • Worsted Weight yarn


Notes and Abbreviations


  • sp(s) = space(es)
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • ch(s) = chain(s)
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sc(s) = single crochet(s)
  • dc(s) = double crochet(s)
  • rnd = round
  • rep = repeat
  • Rev V-St = Reverse V-Stitch


  1. The cowl is worked in rounds.
  2. You may add more rows than is used in this pattern to make your cowl wider.



My gauge measures 4 x 4 inches using the size “I” hook and worsted weight yarn. You can adjust your own stitches to fit. Here I’ll outline the reverse V-stitch that will be used to make this pattern.

First let me begin by showing you how to make a Reverse V-Stitch. This is the stitch you will use throughout the pattern to make the Leo’s Cowl of Coolness.

Reverse V-Stitch Instructions:

Skip 1 st. Dc in the next st. Dc in the skipped st (one back).

Skip 1 stitch. The marker shows where the next stitch will go.

Skip 1 stitch. The marker shows where the next stitch will go.

Skip 1 stitch. Dc in the next stitch.

Skip 1 stitch. Dc in the next stitch.

The marker shows where the next dc will go. One back.

The marker shows where the next dc will go. One back.

Dc in the skipped st.

Dc in the skipped st.



4×4 inches

14 sts by 12 rows


1. Ch even number, plus 1. In this case, ch 15.

2. Ch 1, turn. Sc across [14 sts]


Step 2

3. Ch 3, turn. This 3-ch post counts as your first st. Do 1 Rev V-St using the next 2 sts. Rep the Rev V-St across. Dc 1 in the last st. [14 sts]

Ch 3, turn. This 3-ch post counts as your first st.

Ch 3, turn. This 3-ch post counts as your first st.

Row 3

Step 3

4. Rep R2

5. Rep R3

6. Rep R2

7. Rep R3

8. Rep R2

9. Rep R3

10. Rep R2

11. Rep R3

12. Rep R2

13. Rep R3



Instructions for Cowl

The pattern is pretty easy once you get the hang of the Rev V-St, which is pretty easy in and of itself. Take your time as you go so you don’t skip any stitches. For a quick tip, try using stitch markers to mark a certain amount of stitches as you go; that way you don’t lose count when you check to be sure you havd 140 stitches each round.

1. Ch 141. Make sure the chain isn’t twisted, then sl st the ends together to create a large loop.

2. Ch 1, turn. Sc 140 around. Make sure this first rnd isn’t twisted, then sl st to the first st to close the rnd. [140 sts]

3. Ch 3 (counts as your first st), turn.  Do 1 Rev V-st using the next 2 sts. Rep the Rev V-St around. Dc in the last st. Sl st to the first st to close the rnd. [140 sts]

4. Rep R2

5. Rep R3

6-31. Repeat R2 and R3. End off. Weave in the ends. [140 sts]



All Done!

You now have a Reverse V-Stitch Cowl! Make as many as you want and vary the colors to see what you get. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments section below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, tumblr, or instagram pages. Happy Crafting!

My smexy husband Craig

My smexy husband Craig

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