Crochet Trellis Potholders

New Apartment

Hello everyone! For this quick blog post I wanted to share with you all a crocheted gift I made for my cousins and the link to the Etsy shop in which I purchased the pattern.


My cousins moved a few weeks ago to their first apartment together, and I thought it would be a more unique gift if I gave them something handmade. As a rule, I prefer to give gifts that are useful too, so I set about finding a potholder pattern that I might like to try out. I found many lovely ones, but nothing that quite fit right with their chosen decor-scheme: a slight mediterranean/moroccan feel.


The Pattern

Instead I set about observing some basic design elements for this style of decor and found that they have a lot of symmetry, curves, and consistency in their patterns. Going with a basic trellis design, I next went hunting for a crochet pattern that fit what I wanted. And that’s when I found this Etsy shop: Noble Character Crafts. Seriously, go check it out; I highly recommend her pattern, and she has some lovely items for sale too.


The purchase includes four patterns: a full trellis piece, a vertical halved piece, a horizontal halved piece, and a quarter piece. Using the full trellis and four quarter pieces I created the perfect-sized potholders. And the best part? I can use these patterns to make anything else!


The Yarn

A quick note if anyone is going to make kitchen items. For those of you who do not know, remember that you cannot use acrylic yarn for kitchen items that will encounter high levels of heat. As I discovered recently…it melts. Lol!


Instead, I went in search of either cotton yarn or wool yarn because they work quite nicely. I ended up using Patons Classic Wool Worsted in the colors peacock, seafoam, winter white, and sunset gold because Patons had the colors that best fit the color-scheme my cousins chose for their apartment.



The Potholders

After choosing which colors would be the trellis pieces and which would be the border, I set about figuring out how I wanted to combine the colors. I opted for making the center piece the main color of each potholder and the corner pieces alternating secondary colors. 


This actually worked out perfectly because it allowed me to make completely unique combinations for all six potholders. As you can see in the pictures, even the potholders with the same center trellis colors, the corners alternate secondary colors differently when the potholders are facing the same direction. 


For The Home

On our first night using these, we discovered right away that they were perfect for keeping tortillas warm, placing one over the growing stack as my cousin heated the next tortillas. Insulates nicely!


My mother tells me she likes to use her own hand-stitched potholders the same way: one below the stack of tortillas, a paper towel, the tortillas, another paper towel, and then another potholder on top. 


Try out the pattern, and see what you can make with it. I’d love to see photos of your work, so remember to share your thoughts with me below or on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!


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