Dinosaur Party DIY

First Birthday

It’s been almost a full year and my nephew Elias is turning a year old. By now, he has learned a great many things, and he is developing quite the interesting personality. He crawls across a room almost as fast one might walk across. He has a curiosity that seems to lead him to trouble, as most little ones do. And a few preferences for things have emerged from his ever-expanding mind, including Mickey Mouse, Cookie Monster, and Dinosaurs.


Jurassic Park

It is with dinosaurs in mind that his parents decided his first birthday party will be Jurassic Park themed. He may be too little to remember any of this, but you better believe I’m going to pull out the pictures often as he grows up to show him!

I mean, really. How cool is that? Okay, so maybe I’m bias here. I was a nineties kid and remember when the first Jurassic Park movie came out. It was amazing for its time. And they have only improved the graphics with the recent film.


Welcome Sign and Dino Feet

Using a few examples from pinterest entries, my cousin decided we would make a Jurassic Park sign over the entrance of the house. So my husband grabbed cardboard, brown butcher paper, and the letter printouts I scrounged up from somewhere on the internet and set about forming the arch of the sign.

If you have brown markers, brown paint or a different brown construction paper, I would encourage you to add dark, uneven, curved stripes to make it look like wood. Paste on the letters to spell out Jurassic Park, Happy Birthday, or whatever you choose to have there. You can find the letter printables here: Hale Grafx.


Remember to print out several dinosaur feetprint to clear the path your party-goers should take. You can find the printable here: Pattern Universe.


Vines and Balloons

We loved this cute idea of making dinosaurs with balloons and cut-out shapes. I foud this amazing printable for the dino parts here: Flicker And Flock. You’ll have to send a quick email to get the pdf template sent to you, but it’s totally worth it! I recommend printing them on card stock paper, to keep the body parts stiff enough to stand on their own.


The vines were another fun idea. Buy rolls of butcher paper that you can mash up to form vines or trees and branches. I used a tropical leaves printable template to print several leaves on green paper, and then tape them onto the vines. You can find the template here: Wee Life.




Now, this part was all my talented husband’s doing. After I saw several examples of jeep photobooths, I decided we should have one too. Since this was a bit short notice, my huaband couldn’t make a backdrop as well, but luckily my cousin had a nifty background she bought at a party supply store, which worked out quite nicely.

Craig used cardboard and colored construction paper. He made the shape of the car and the steering wheels with cardboard, then glued on the paper accordingly to color it into looking like the jeep. This included making the tires, headlights, bumper, and “painted” stripes.


First Birthday Success

With a dinosaur theme there is quite a lot you could do to customize it. So keep your eyes open for fun ideas. To start with though, I recommend these ideas to really create a fun environment and backdrop for your party.


Share your thoughts or any questions with me below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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