DIY Christmas Tree Crafts to Decorate Your Home

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And so we begin the Christmas season!

We are about to start December and I for one am very busy.  Since I’m certain lots of you are too, I’ll be posting a lot of quick DIY craft ideas for Christmas over the next couple of weeks.  Today will be all about crafting your own Christmas trees!  I’ve gone hunting for a few craft ideas to make your own Christmas trees to put all around your home for the holiday season.  I’ll be showing you Christmas trees made with yarn, ornaments, paper, and fabric!  This’ll be fun!


Fabric and Burlap Craft Christmas Trees

This first fabric craft Christmas tree is from All Things Heart and Home.  Strips of fabric are tied around the post to create this cute Christmas tree decoration.

Fabric Scraps DIY Christmas Tree from All Things Heart and Home

Lil’ Luna makes this really quick and cute burlap Christmas tree.  You have to try this!

Burlap Christmas Tree from Lil’ Luna

The Creativity Exchange has a tutorial for sale on how to make these great poster board and fabric Christmas trees in about four or five sizes.

Fabric Covered Poster Board Christmas Tree Cones from The Creative Exchange


Paper Crafts Christmas Trees

Stampin’ Pretty shows this fast and cute Christmas tree made of paint chip cards that was given to her by the writer of the blog Kendra’s Creative Corner.  There isn’t a tutorial but the idea is pretty self explanatory.

Paint Chip Card Christmas Tree from Kendra’s Creative Corner

I wish this next paper craft Christmas tree had a tutorial.  If there is one, I wasn’t able to find it.  But this Aged-paper Christmas Tree looks lovely and simple enough to make.

Aged Paper Christmas Tree


Yarn Craft Christmas Tree

The blog A Million Little Things posted this quick DIY tutorial on how to make yarn-wrapped Christmas trees.

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree from A Million Little Things

Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn company has this cute Christmas Tree pattern to crochet.  Using it for decor instead you can add anything you like as little ornaments for this tree.

Christmas Tree to crochet from Lily Sugar'n Cream yarns

Christmas Tree to crochet from Lily Sugar’n Cream yarns

Bernat Yarns also has this super cute Christmas Tree Stocking crochet pattern.

Christmas Trees Stocking crochet pattern from Bernat Yarns

Christmas Trees Stocking crochet pattern from Bernat Yarns


Old Books Craft Christmas Trees

I must say that these next craft ideas makes me cringe a little bit because I hate damaging books.  But I suppose not all books can or should be kept forever.  This first idea is from Real Simple is just an image on the page, but it’s fairly self-explanatory.  This can also be done with the books closed and stacked largest to smallest.  Covering them in green paper adds to the Christmas tree feel.

Stacked Up Old Books Christmas Tree from Real Simple

 Creative “try”als has this nifty Christmas tree made out of old book pages.  These look very nice.

Book Tree from Creative ‘try”als

Rockstar Diaries has a great tutorial for a stacked book pages Christmas tree.  I wish the image was smaller, but so you can see the results, but if you click on it you can also get the step-by-step instructions.

Stacked Paper Christmas Tree by Rockstar Diaries


One just for fun!

This last Christmas tree craft I’m adding because I just loved the idea!  So Into Vintage posted this wonderful tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree from ornaments and an old window screen.

Ornaments Christmas Tree from So Into Vintage


Your Turn!

There you have it!  Lots of quick ideas for making different kinds of Christmas trees for your holiday decorating.  Leave me a comment below if you have any questions.  You can also check Family Craft Studio out at our Twitter or Facebook pages.  Happy crafting!!

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