DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

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The Next Holiday

Hello everyone!  We’ve passed through the holiday season, and I hope everyone’s Christmas and New Years was enjoyable as mine was.  I spent some of my final days there rushing to finish crocheted Christmas presents, making Christmas cookies, and cooking lots of entrees for various parties.  And now we finally have a lull between those holidays and the next one.  This gives us some time to make some cute and fun crafty decorations for it. 


Valentine’s Day

Decorating for any holiday can be fun.   I particularly like that exercising my creativity is a good way to help strengthen my cognitive capacity too.  I’ve collected a few of my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day craft project decorating ideas here for you all to use for your Valentine’s Day decorating this year.


Flowers and Foliage

Domestic Fashionista has a lovely and simple idea for making a Rose Kissing Ball.  I love this idea because it could be customized for other holidays and occasions too.

Life in Pictures offers this all-picture tutorial on how to make lovely paper flowers that you could use for great decoration ideas. 

Paper Roses on Life in Pictures

TwoInspireYou has made great flower “XO” wreaths.  These are super cute and look fairly easy to make.

“XO” Wreath by TwoInspireYou


The Printed Word

Creature Comforts has a lovely and simple idea for using mason jars, doilies, twine, string, or yarn, and paper hearts with printed words on it. Quick and pretty.  These would make lovely candle holders.

Jar Valentine's Day Idea by Creature Comforts

Jar Valentine’s Day Idea by Creature Comforts

The Artist Bride has a great and simple idea for a Valentine’s Day or Wedding decoration garland: a printed paper heart cutout garland.  There weren’t any instructions, but the idea is fairly straightforward.

Printed Paper Hearts Garland on The Artist Bride

Pinterest pinner Lydia Christensen uploaded this wonderfully simple idea: Book Pages Heart Garland.  Here is a self-explanatory image to help figure out this crafty Valentine’s Day decoration.

Book Page Hearts Garland by Lydia Christensen

Book Page Hearts Garland by Lydia Christensen


Lovely Words

Design Loves Detail has a great post about a yellow, blue, and white color scheme to decorate a bedroom.  This use of canvases to spell out words to decorate is a wonderful idea to try this DIY project.

"LOVE" Canvas Word by Design Loves Detail

“LOVE” Canvas Word by Design Loves Detail

The Shabby Creek Cottage has this cute idea used to decorate a mantel: a “Love” bunting.  Burlap, pain, glitter, and twine make up this great banner.

Burlap “LOVE” Bunting on The Shabby Creek Cottage

Better Homes and Gardens has a colorful banner idea spelling out a few different Valentine’s Day themed words.

Colorful Valentine's Day Banner on Better Homes and Gardens

Colorful Valentine’s Day Banner on Better Homes and Gardens


Paper Hearts

On To Baby has a great post about a DIY baby shower.  This image below is self-explanatory as a tutorial for this awesome paper heart garland.

Three Tier Paper Hearts Garland by On To Baby

The Crafty Crow has this cute idea to use paper hearts and clothespins together.  This could be used in any number of decorating ideas, so be creative with it!


Paper Hearts Clothespins on The Crafty Crow

Finally, Ally Scraps Blog has a great tutorial on how to make Heart decorations for Valentine’s Day using simple materials and lots of scrap paper left over from other crafts or scrapbooking.

Scrap Paper Hearts Decoration by Ally Scraps Blog


Off to Decorate!

This will set you all of to a good start decorating for Valentine’s Day.  Be creative with these ideas, and use them in unique ways.  Enjoy!  Be sure to leave me comments or questions below.

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