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After a long absence…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything (shame on me), but I come back with a lot of crafty ideas to post about!!  School caught me at a rapid pace and I needed to keep up.  In the meantime, though I didn’t post anything, I collected nifty things to show you all.


To begin with

To start this series of new posts, I wanted to show you all some great ideas I found to use doilies in your home decor!  These are examples that I’ve found around the Internet, but I encourage you to be creative with your doilies.


Where one usually finds them

This may not be the most creative way to use a doily, but don’t knock the classics!  Sometimes, when placed strategically among well chosen surroundings, a doily in its usual place can be quite lovely.

This large doily is used as a center piece for a small display.

Another simple idea

Another quick and simple idea is to use doilies as garlands.  This can be customized for all occasions or for specific home decor colors.

Doily Garland

Doily Dyed Banner

Doilies in circles

Embroidery hoops seem to be a growing trend to frame lovely doilies.  This gives you a chance to really showcase your doily awesomeness!

Doily in Embroidery Hoop without a background

Colored Doiily on a white or off white background. Click on the image to see the shop of the awesome Etsy shop owner who sells this.

Neutral colored doily on a colored fabric background in an embroidery hoop.

Multiple sized embroidery hoops with varied sized doilies as wall hangings.

Another example of doilies on embroidery hoops. Click on the image to see this set for sale on Etsy.

as a window cover, the doilies on embroidery hoops is a lovely idea.

On the floor, on the table

As rugs, doilies actually look quite lovely.  Either a large doily rug or a bunch small ones stuck together, they look very nice.  The table runner follows this same idea.  Personally, I like when the doilies have an underlying theme in design, but the randomness of the example below is nice too.

the table runner is a great and quick idea if you already have lots of doilies you don’t use often.

Large Doily Rug. This looks very lovely if you match it to the colors of the room just right.

On river or beach stones

This is another idea that I particularly like.  Covering river rocks or beach stones with doilies and motifs is a great way to add texture and color to your home, both inside or  outside.

I love the color this Etsy crafter chose for the yarn. Depending on where you put it, other colors would work so well.

White doilies around river rocks.

Stones covered in thicker yarn.

Framed Doilies

This next idea is one of  my favorites!  Framing your doilies like this not only looks lovely, but it also allows you go have them up as a quick reference when you need them, can preserve them, and can show them off nicely.  I want to try this with some of the ones my grandmother has made, so I can have them nicely taken care of.

Framed Doilies

Just a couple like this would look great in strategic places.

Doily Covers

Finding things to cover in doilies is never in short supply; the trick is, knowing which ones to cover without it being a bit too much.  Doilies offer lots of designs and textures, and in the wrong place, it can overwhelm what you’re trying to decorate.

this crafter covered her mannequin in doilies in just the right spots to make it look very lovely. Click on the image to go to her tutorial.

Blowing up a balloon, pasting on doilies, and creating a lamp is a great way to use doilies.

Doilies sewn over a pillowcase would be a lovely accent to the color of the pillowcase below.

Too much?

Just don’t go overboard…unless it looks really awesome!!

These look pretty cool, but perhaps would be a bit much in most homes.

Give some of these ideas a try in you next home decor endeavor and let me know how it went!  Be sure to visit us on our Facebook page because we always post new crafting ideas there.  And if you’re looking for other great ideas, check out our Pinterest account for links to great patterns, projects, and tutorials.

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