Fourth Of July DIY

Fourth Of July DIY

Hello crafters! Okay, so our next major national holiday is coming up soon. I’ve been super busy¬† and spending most of my days stuck in traffic, so I’ve decided to put together a quicker DIY for this upcoming holiday.¬† So let’s get right to it!



  • One (1) roll of Caron One Pound in claret (red)
  • One (1) roll of Caron One Pound in white
  • One (1) roll of Lion Brand Pound of Love in denim (blue)
  • 1-3 Hula Hoops (I used 1 for this project, but it depends on how many strands you pack in per hoop)
  • twine



1. You’ll need to cut strands of yarn in each color. Measure about 80 to 90 inches of yarn for each strand.


2. Fold the strands in half and use this to create the Lark’s Head Knot needed to attach the strand to the hoop.


3. Be sure to alternate the color strands in any way you want. I did two (2) alternating sequences of red, white, and blue all the way around. Even out the ends by cutting any tips you don’t want showing.

4. Twine can be used to attach to the hoop so it can be strung up where you’ll want it. I attached it to three (3) spots and then joined them together in the center.


String It Up!

And now to hang it up outside! I’ll be making a few more of these for Independence Day this July Fourth and taking over mom’s front yard to decorate these with. I would also recommend using ribbons or crepe paper streamers. Side note about the paper steamers: they can tear easily, so be careful how hard you tug when making the lark’s head knots around the hoops.


Make this a backdrop to a BBQ party or a photo shoot area for your holiday celebration. And share pictures with me f your finished projects!


Remember to leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, tumblr, instagram, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!




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