Hanukkah DIY Decorations and Crafts

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A couple of days…

December is practically here and that means that there are some great and important holidays coming up this month.  Though traditionally my family celebrates Christmas, I’ve wanted to devote a few blog posts to some other wonderful holidays observed this December.  Starting December 8th (my birthday) until December 16th will be Hanukkah.  This blog post is going to be about a few of the DIY decorations and crafts I’ve spotted around the Internet dedicated just for this awesome holiday.


Begin with the calendar

The eight days of Hanukkah can be kept track of with a great DIY calendar and a lot of fun.  I am finding a few of projects that take the countdown calendar in different directions.  Small gift bags, picking crafts and and activities for the family to do, recipes for each night, reading stories together are all great ideas.  A calendar is a great way to keep all this together in one place.  Design Megillah has a great idea for making a quick and simple bag-garland calendar to keep your goodies and activity ideas inside.  Take this idea and personalize it to your heart’s content.

Eight Nights of Chanukah Calendar from Design Megillah

Eight Nights of Chanukah Calendar from Design Megillah

Forty-two Roads has a lovely paper craft calendar idea that I loved.  I might have added a bit more color, but that would depend more on what matches best with your choice colors in decorations.

Days of Hanukkah advent calendar from Forty-two Roads



Better Homes and Gardens has this lovely idea for a Gilded Hanukkah Tree.  Hand Gelt and Dreidels on a spray-painted tree as ornaments.  You can use this ornamented tree in any part of your home and for party table decorations.

Gilded Hanukkah Tree from Better Homes and Gardens

The Purl Bee has this cute sewn felt coaster DIY project tutorial for dreidel coasters.

Hanukkah Coasters from The Purl Bee

Martha Stewart has this awesome idea for edible dreidels!  This would be a great project to do with your kids as an activity on one of the eight days of Hanukkah.

Marshmallow Dreidels from Martha Stewart



Ready Made has this beautiful idea for making your own Menorah with glass bottles.

Glass Bottle Menorah from Ready Made

Glass Bottle Menorah from Ready Made

Traditionally, olive oil can be used as the fuel source of the Menorah.  It’s sustainable, cleaner, and greener.  Check out this tutorial from Care2 to learn how to make your own olive oil Hanukkah lamp.

Sustainable DIY Hanukkah Lamps from Care2

Decorating your matchboxes can add a little something extra to the theme of the holiday.  Martha Stewart offers a nifty tutorial on how you can do this.

Covered Matchboxes from Martha Stewart


Gelt and Party Favors

The blog Creative Jewish Mom has a lovely idea on making toilet paper tube European-styled “cracker” party favors to give away prizes and gelt to children.

Tube Gelt Party Favors from Creative Jewish Mom

And Martha Stewart has another tutorial on making Gelt party favors using glass, lidded tubes to hold the prizes instead, then wrapping it with decorative paper.

Gelt Party Favors from Martha Stewart


Trying it out

Whether specifically for Hanukkah or customizing these ideas for another occasion or holiday, these tutorials are super helpful.  Give them a shot for your holiday season!  Feel free to leave me a comment or question here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

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