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End of School!

It has been too long since I last wrote a blog post! But the end of my schooling caught up with me and I found myself having to focus more intently for that final push toward the end. The hard work has paid off, for I know have my bachelor’s in psychology! And so…I am ready to get back to my crocheting, knitting, crafting, creating, and sharing. So here I am! Absolutely stuck with all my unfinished projects, my piles of unused yarn, fabric, and pretty paper, and my inability to figure out where to start. Today, I am in such a colorful mood (which for me is a large mixture of everything, which can be exciting, tiring, and annoying to feel all at once) that I am going to match my mood to images that inspire me to pick up my hooks and needles, to start a new fun project, or to create something interesting!

Slushy Cat

Colorful Yarniness

The more I look for colorful inspiration the more I love to see what others have already done with the large array of colors at our disposal! Here is a wonderfully pretty flower cushion crocheted by Lucy from Attic 24: an excellent blog to visit! I must say, I admire the boldness that so many crocheters, knitters, and various crafters seem to have in using colors in this way. I’m not that brave yet πŸ™‚

an awesome flower cushion from Attic 24

You Go Girl! is an awesome blog. This simple and gorgeous project with crocheted trimming on these linens looks so great! The idea was simple and pretty, but what caught my attention even more were the colors! Aren’t these so great?! I think I might try something like this soon. I’m awful at sewing though πŸ™‚ So I’m going to have toΒ  do a joint project with my mother I think, which will be great because it gives me a chance to learn something else from her. She taught me how to knit. She taught me how to crochet. She is even attempting to teach me how to embroider (I keep poking myself). I’m sure she’s up to the challenge of teaching me how to sew too (and I’ll report how that is going as I learn).

You Go Girl! blog has awesome crocheted trimmed linens.

According to Matt is another totally awesome and wonderful crafty blog! You must take the tie to go through it all. When I want a pick-me-up, I go to this blog πŸ™‚ The ideas, the pictures, and the colors awe so bright and colorful! Check out this granny square blanket, for example, that Matt made. Such bold colors and matching! I am not nearly as brave to try something like this, but I love the effect!

According to Matt granny square blanket

Colorful Costumes

When I was sifting through all my colorful inspiration pins and I found that some of my favorites were also the colorful clothes and costumes that people might wear. So I grabbed a few of them to share here. This first one is a Venetian mask. I really love these because you can see some people getting very creative with how they make them, how they shape them, how they paint them, and how they decorate them.I found this one on My Venetian Mask.

My Venetian Mask is a nifty tumblr page.

Crush Cul de Sac is another great tumblr page where I found this next image. I love love love that skirt! I have a friend that looks gorgeous in mixed colors like that for outfits. This photo really draws your attention to the colors with the great natural lighting they used for the shot. I’ve almost never been one to use bold colors like this, but I can really appreciate it when they just come together like this nicely.

Image from the tumblr page Crush Cul de Sac

This next image is a Jim Zuckerman photograph of an adorable costumed kid at an Indonesian carnival. The use of bold colors and trimmings looks really wonderful and really makes the whole costume stand out and come together. It reminds me of when my mother would be nice enough to cater to my childish whims and sew outfits and costumes for me and my cousins. No matter what superhero, prince/princess, pirate, or alien we were, we had awesome costumes by my mother.

A Jim Zuckerman photograph

Colorful Pretties

I found a few random items that I found super pretty and colorful. These aren’t direct craft inspiration, but they are perfect for setting a mood before you craft. At least, that’s what they do for me. This image of a peacock’s feather with a drop of water on it is gorgeous!! It is a photograph by Joakim Kraemer.

Photograph by Joakim Kraemer

Often times I find that food can be both colorful and pretty too. The creative designs or presentations for some yummy items can be very creative and crafty. Personally, I like this macaroon tower with colorful cookies! (Excuse me while I go get myself a treat…) I found this on tumblr page Act On Inspiration.

Macaroon Tower on Act On Inspiration

Okay. This next image has an awesome and pretty idea for decorating and using colors to the best effect! Glow stick balloons!!Β  I’m not sure how they got this effect, but I think it looks wonderful! The crafty colorful idea here is awesome!

Glow Stick Balloons on Flickr page

Properly Inspired!

Alright my crafty companions! With all this colorful awesomeness to inspire me and you, it is time to create! I think I’m going to try to a new blanket with lots of colors in it. Do you have a any nice color inspiration like these? I’d love to see them! I can add them to my Oh The Colors pinboard πŸ™‚ So be sure to leave me a comment below. Class dismissed!!

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