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Into The Kitchen!

Hello my dears! So with my new apartment came a lot of work to be done to settle in. It’s a small place so I have to get a little creative with how I organize myself sometimes, especially in the kitchen. I like to cook, so I tend to collect quite a few spices and herbs to use when I do. This means that they will tend to take up a lot of space; I’m sure some of you can relate. In order to use the cabinet shelf where the spices were for something else, I had to find a new place for them. Some place accessible but out of the way at the same time.


And that’s exactly what I did! I’m going to walk you through a simple DIY for your kitchen to make a spice rack out of your refrigerator. So let’s jump right into it.


A Few Notes

Before I get started, allow me to make a few notes I found while researching and making this DIY, at least to get you started.

  1. Buy screw-top tin cans without the little window instead of the ones with the window for two (2) reasons. One, because a lot of reviews say that moisture gets stuck along the rim of the clear plastic and it can get stinky and moldy pretty fast; and two, because the tins with the rotating lid that has a small hole to let out the spices can become loose enough to spill. Ultimately though, it’s up to you.
  2. Another reason I chose the solid screw-top lid tins is because I wanted a place to write the label for the spice.
  3. Make sure to clean out and properly dry the tins before starting the DIY and before use.
  4. Keep your tins under 3 ounces so that they don’t get too heavy and slide right off the fridge.
  5. IMPORTANT: When using the spice tins, don’t screw the lids on too tightly because they’ll get stuck and you won’t be able to open them easily.



I ordered my tins and magnets from Amazon. But you can find them wherever is most convenient for you.

  • Small 1-2 oz Round Shallow Screw Top Tin Cans in desired color (as many as you need)


  • Flexible Magnets for Spice Tins 60 ml thick and 1.625 in. wide (as many as you need)


  • One permanent marker


1. Do one tin at a time. Peel the sheet of the magnet to expose the adhesive.



2. Center it as best you can on the bottom of the tin and stick it on.


3. Turn the tin over and label it according the spice that’ll go in there; then fill them with your chosen spice.


And You’re Done

Simple as that! You now have more cabinet space and your spices are accessible.


Leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, pinterest, and tumblr pages. Happy crafting!


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