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Hello everyone! Another week gone by and another Movie Mandala is made. This one was a fun one to do, not because there was anything different to the pattern or color palette I used for this one, but because this one is based on one of my favorite Disney movies: Aladdin.

As you know, I’m making a set of princess mandalas so my mother can put together a princess mandala crochet blanket, which means I’m likely going to do a couple blog posts on the same movies just to get more of my favorite characters made into crochet mandalas too. But for today, the character is Princess Jasmine.

Princess Like Me

I was eight years old when “Aladdin” first came out. There are many reasons I really enjoy this film, but the strongest sentiment I have in its favor is closely tied to the feeling I got when I first saw Princess Jasmine. Although I had loved previous Disney princess movies, especially “Beauty and the Beast” with the studious and empathetic Belle, “Aladdin” was the first princess movie with a non-caucasian princess. And for a little hispanic kid, seeing a main character with physical characteristics similar to mine gave me a different perspecitive on how I might be able to fit into a story, how I might be able to form my own narrative.

Now, to be frank, few of these ideas were conscious thoughts at the time. I had taken a little from each other princess movie up to that point as well, learned from them, imagined myself in the story, understood that the similarities between me and the other characters I liked were about personality and behavior. But it had always felt like it was someone else’s story that I was watching or reimagining and enjoying. It wasn’t until I saw Jasmine that I felt like these big, epic stories could be something for someone like me. It was a feeling of being able to relate to the character on a more personal level, a way I had not even realized I had not done before.

Reflections and Stitches

Of course, this didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the other films or mar the way I saw new princess movies afterwards that went back to having caucasian characters. It actually helped me imagine them differently when I played. It helped me connect to their stories on a deeper level. Learn more from their stories and characters. I remember that it changed the way I watched movies for the rest of my life, and it was for the better.

The fact that Jasmine had a kind heart, clever mind, and strong will, as other princesses had before her, it made the experience of enjoying the film even better for me as a kid because she had the traits I loved about other princesses and their stories but showed me that those traits were things someone like me could naturally have too.

So there I was, sitting on the couch and stitching away at my Jasmine mandala as I reflected back on the way that small unconscious realization began to shift my perspective on myself and the world. And it was a very content feeling.

Pattern and Palette

If you’d like to make your own Jasmine mandala, I’ll include a link to the pattern below and the color palette I used to select my yarns.


The mandala pattern is from A Creative Being.


The light blue for the palette was hard to find, so I ended up using something a bit different that what was called for. So take your time to find the colors that work best for you.

Yarns I Used:

  • Red Heart Super Saver in Light Blue
  • Red Heart Super Saver in Light Periwinkle
  • Big Twist Yarns Value in Royal Blue
  • Deborah Norville Everyday in Lemon
  • Loops and Threads Impeccable in Black (or RHSS in Black)

Until Next Time

Thanks for taking the time read the post! I’ll have a new Movie Mandala next week. Leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages.

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