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Hello everyone! So I know it’s been a while since I’ve either posted anything or specifically a Movie Mandala post, but I promise I haven’t disappeared forever, never to share another pattern or project again. I’ve taken some much needed time to spend with my family and make myself rest while I went through some particularly achy fibro flare-ups.

(Press the bar below to play the audio. NOTE: this is a youtube video from the Disney channel so there might be a commercial at first)

But I’m back to get this series of crochet projects up and going again! Which means I got to watch more movies I haven’t seen in forever! *twitchy happy dance* This also means I’ll be practicing my mindful meditation while I count stitches and make mandalas.

Brave Merida

Now, admittedly, I also have another reason for making these Movie Mandalas. My mother has the previous mandalas I’ve made and has decided she wants to stitch them together into a set of blankets, starting with a Disney Princess-themed mandala blanket. So! This means I’m going to be focusing specifically on princess mandalas for a little while to finish these up for mom, and it is likely that I may repeat a couple of movies so that I can get more mandalas out of them for future mandala blankets. I promise I’ll show you the finished blanket when she has it all done.

For today’s post, I’ll be showing you the mandala for Merida from Pixar’s “Brave”.

Why Merida? Well, as much as a being less-than-rational youth that got her mother and kingdom into some serious trouble and therefore was a bit off-putting at first, I couldn’t help but actually like the kid. She had a bold independence and adaptable intelligence that helped her not only stay focused when things got really rough, but they helped her learn and grow from the experience. A kid, but a smart kid.

Cousins, Nieces, and Nephews

The features of those positive traits in Merida slowly sank in as I was stitch up the mandala. Scenes from the film that showcased the skilled and understanding teen reminded me of the youngest members of my family that are still in the earliest stages of their lives and molding these traits into personalities and behavioral patterns. Scenes such as taking on archery with such enthusiasm and becoming great at it reminded me of a young cousin that took on drawing and painting and developed some amazing skills.

I truly hope they can keep that wonder and eagerness throughout their lives because it can serve them well.


Colors and Stitches

If you would like to make a mandala as well, I’m including the link to the pattern below and the yarns I used for this specific project.


The pattern is from A Creative Being. It comprises of twelve rounds of double crochet stitches and a ruffle border at the end. It’s a simple pattern, which makes it perfect to adjust as you see fit for your personal mandala.


I created a quick palette from Merida’s overall look, specifically emphasizing her lovely teal dress and orange-red curls.

The specific yarns I used were:

1. Red Heart Super Saver in Dusty Teal (which is not made anymore, so Caron One Pound in Sage is a good substitute)

2. Read Heart Super Saver in Real Teal

3. Lily Sugar n’ Cream in Red

4. Red Heart Super Saver in Gold

5. Red Heart Super Saver in Aran

Until Next Time

Leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages.

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