Nice Bag Patterns

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Purse Collection

Over the years of crafty gift-making I have found that one of the surest ways of making a present for one of my lady friends and family members that will be received with more favor that perhaps some other crafty projects, it would have to be a purse. I tend to favor crochet or knitted purses because my sewing abilities are…questionable, at best.  So I have begun collecting patterns of bags, totes, purses, and clutches to knit, crochet, and felt.  There are some great ideas out there that people share and have tried.  As a person who loves trying new patterns, I’m going to share what I’ve found with all of you. 


Purse Patterns

The first purse pattern is provided by Bernat Yarns.  It’s called “Autumn Tote Bag (crochet)”.  I love the textured look compared to the bamboo rod.  The second pattern is offered from Bernat Yarns too.  It’s name is “Striped Tote (crochet)”.  Clean and simple, this bag is a great size to carry all kinds of things you’ll need when you go out, perhaps even large enough to carry a portable craft project?

Autumn Tote Bag pattern from Bernat Yarns

Striped Tote pattern from Bernat Yarns

Market Bag Patterns

Market bags are quick and easy to make, one of the many reasons I love them!  These are two of my favorite patterns.  The first one is called “Fire and Earth” by Drops Design in Garn Studio.  And the second pattern is called “Flea Market Bag” by Bernat Yarns.  Try these out, they’re very quick and handy.

Fire and Earth pattern from Drops Design by Garn Studio

Flea Market Bag by Bernat Yarns

Granny Square Bag Patterns

Granny squares are another fun and easy way to make bags.  Using different motifs, in different shapes, you can come up with lots pattern ideas.  Altering the colors by rows can give it a nice unique look.  These two patterns are very nice examples of this idea.  The first is simply referred to as a Shoulder Tote Bag.  The colors chosen for this granny square flower motif is lovely.  The second one is called the “Hexagon Market Bag” by Lion Brand Yarns.

Flower Granny Square Shoulder Bag pattern by Grandmother’s Pattern Book

Hexagon Market Bag pattern from Lion Brand Yarns

Trying them out

I hope you like these patterns, they are among my favorites.  If you try any of them out, feel free to post comments on the blog or comments and pictures of your work on our Facebook page.  Enjoy, and happy crafting!!


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