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Back-log of Projects

Hello crafters! It’s been a interesting week going over finances, being kind of sick, and crocheting furiously to finish a few blankets before christmas-crocheting season is upon me. While I’m completing a few more projects I have been a tad behind on writing new patterns to share here on the blog.

But I don’t want to leave you all with nothing this week, so I’m going to share with you some more color palettes that I made as inspiration for my craft work. I hope it inspires you too.

This first photo is from my early stages of color-palette creation. So basically Whatever I had in front of me or already existing pictures I had would get turned into a palette. This one was form a morning I was spending with my mom and enjoying a simple breakfast. I am now craving bagels though…


《Creamy Bagel Palette》

Mom’s Garden

After that breakfast, as is usually the case, mom and I went outside int other garden so she could show me al the new flowers, fruits and veggies she has coming into season. This next photo is of her rosemary bush growing to the side of the house. I remember when she first planted this and how tiny it was at first. It has since then taken over a huge section of the herb garden.


《Rosemary Palette》


Considering which other color palettes to share, I came across these two photos I took. I went through this phase where I was taking pictures of my meals whenever I went out; it got old pretty fast. But I got some pretty decent photos and, now, palettes out of it.


《Edamame Plate Palette》


《Edamame Palette》

Sunflower Sunset

My favorite time to experience mom’s garden is during the evening. The lighting is perfect to really make the color pop in all the flowers. I found that I like looking at the light through the soft petals of the flowers.


《Sunflower Sunset Palette》


Sometimes when I have short outings with my husband we come across nifty sightings. This is a shot of bits of drying foliage. It was right in front of a lovely view of a plot of farmland. 

《Tiny Fruits Palette》

《Tiny Fruits Palette》

Until Next Time

Remember to leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, tumblr, instagram, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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