Palette Musings – Sunsets

Thinking of Color

Hello everyone! So here I was, working on absolutely last-minute christmas gifts for family and friends, and I set the project I had down on my lap for a short break and glanced to my left. My eyes landed the bookcase where I keep my yarn stash. Two thoughts crossed my mind. One, I need more yarn! And two, that’s a lot of color. I began looking over the different hues and wondering how I could combine them into some pretty palettes for projects. And it made me think, I hadn’t made a Palette Musings blog post in a while!


I grabbed a few color palettes I have saved up and decided to share a few here. Some of my favorite color palettes come from sunsets, not so much because of the specific range of colors, but because there is always a few hues being in there that can surprise you when you really look closely.

These palettes are of the gorgeous sunsets you can see from in front of my aunt’s house. As you can see, she lives at the edge of this desert area, where you’re likely to find coyotes, wild rabbits, and annoying teenagers on ATVs. Ah, outdoors-y…

《California Dusk Palette》

《California Sunset Palette》

《Edge of Nowhere Palette》


The next few palettes are in a similar vein as the first. These were taken in the evening. The first is from the tree in my aunt’s front yard. The second one is of a sunflower in my mother’s garden. And the third one is from a pretty christmas tree that was up in Disney’s California Adventure when I went with my family.

《Pine Needle Palette》

《Sunflower Dusk Palette》

《Ornaments Palette》

Until Next Time

I hope some of these palettes help you with your own craft project! Leave a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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