Star Wars Crochet Cozy Series – Part 5 – Darth Sidious

Crochet Darth Sidious Coffee Cozy Pattern

Hello my crafters! The newest Sta Wars movie (The Force Awakens) is almost upon us, and here I am rushing to publish more cozy patterns for you to make. At this point, I think I need to be honest with myself though. I’m probably not going to get them all done before the movie is out. But that’s okay! That means that I’ll just keep publishing patterns for Star Wars themed coffee cozies for a good time after. I’ll even take requests for something specific if you can think of something you’d like to see.

The pattern for this blog post is The Emperor: Darth Sidious. It was a request from one of my brother’s friends; she wanted it as a gift to her husband. From what I hear, she and her husband were very happy with the cozy. I must be honest: the villains of Star Wars are some of my favorite characters. Not only do they weave the conflict of the story to trap interest, but they show a range of personality and character development that pulls you in and makes you wonder how it came to this. Don’t get me wrong, I love the protagonists of good stories, but to see a good antagonist drive a story raises the stakes for the development of the hero. They make it worth knowing this story.

"Now, young Skywalker...You will die."

“Now, young Skywalker…You will die.”




  • Size “K” hook and a size “G” hook
  • Worsted Weight yarn with your chosen colors
  • White size 10 thread
  • Tapestry needle to attach the separate pieces and embroider the lightning

Yarn I Used:

  • Caron Simply Soft in Black
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Silver Blue (pale blue)
  • Patons Metallic in Pewter (silver)
  • Caron Simply Soft in Harvest Red (bright or neon red)
  • Big Twist Yarns Sincerely in Royal Blue (blue)
  • DMC Baroque cotton thread in White



Notes and Abbreviations


  • St(s) = stitch(es)
  • Ch(s) = chain(s)
  • Sl st = slip stitch
  • Sc(s) = single crochet(s)
  • Hdc(s) = half double crochet(s)
  • Dc(s) = double crochet(s)
  • Rep = repeat
  • Rnd(s) = round(s)
  • Inc = increase


  1. This pattern will be worked in several pieces: the main cozy, 2 arms, and the lightsaber.
  2. Numbers at the end of the instructions: In brackets “[ ]” will be the total stitch count for that row.
  3. A few color changes will happen in the middle of an increase (increase = 2 sts in the same st), making it 1 stitch in one color and the 2nd st in the new color.



Instructions for the Darth Sidious Cozy

Instructions (Cozy): Use black and light blue

1. Start with the black yarn. Use your “K” hook. Ch 22, sl st the ends together to create a loop. [21 sts]


2. Ch 1, turn. Sc 21 around. [21 sts]

3. Rep R2 [21 sts]

4. Rep R2 [21 sts]

5. Rep R2 [21 sts]

6. Rep R2 [21 sts]


7. Ch 1, turn. *Inc 1, sc 6.* Rep from * to * two more times around. [inc rnd to 24 sts]

8. Ch 1, turn. Sc 24 around, sl st to the first sc of the rnd. [24 sts]

9. Rep R8 [24 sts]

10. Rep R8 [24 sts]

11. Rep R8 [24 sts]


12. Be sure to keep your yarn ends to the inside of the cozy. Ch 1, turn. Inc 1, sc 7. ½ Inc in black, ½ Inc in light blue. Sc 7 in light blue. ½ Inc in light blue, ½ Inc in black. Sc 7 in black. Sl st to the first st. [inc rnd to 27 sts]

13. In black, sc 9. In light blue, sc 9. In black, sc 9. Sl st to the 1st st. [27 sts]

14. In black, sc 10. In light blue, sc 9. In black, sc 8. Sl st to the 1st st. [27 sts]

15. In black, sc 27 around. [27 sts]

16. Rep R15. End off. Weave in ends. [27 sts]



Instructions for left Forearm: Make only one (1) of these; use black and light blue

1. Use black yarn. Using your “G” hook, ch 9. Dc 1 in the 5th ch from the hook. Hdc 1 in the next st, sc 2 in the next 2 sts, sl st to the last st.

ch 9

ch 9

2. Ch 1 and rotate to work your way back using the foundation chain as your base again.

3. Sl st to the first st, sc 2 in the next 2 sts, hdc 1 in the next st, dc 2 in the last 2 sts. End off.


4. Rotate your piece so that the more narrow end is facing upward. Using your light blue yarn, attach it to the far right side (the 2nd sc at the end of step 1). Sc 1 in the same st. Sc 1 in the ch from step 2. And sc 1 in the side of the 1st sc of step 3.

5. Ch 2, turn. Sl st into the first sc. Ch 2, sl st into the 2nd sc. Ch 2, sl st into the 3rd sc. End off.



Instructions for right saber-arm: Make only one (1) of these; use black and light blue

1. Using your “G” hook, in black, ch 10.


2. Sc 1 in the 2nd st from the hook. Sc 3 in the next 3 chs. Sc 3 in the next st. Sc 4 in the last 4 sts.


3. Ch 1, turn. Sc 5. Sc 3 in the next st. Sc 5.


4. Ch 1, turn. Sc 6. Sc 3 in the next st. Sc 6. End off.


5. Rotate the piece and choose one of the ends. Attach your light blue yarn. Sc 1 in the same st. Sc 1 in the ch from step 2. And sc 1 in the side of the 1st sc of step 3.

6. Ch 2, turn. Sl st into the first sc. Ch 2, sl st into the 2nd sc. Ch 2, sl st into the 3rd sc. End off.



Instructions for the Lightsaber: (use red and silver)

1. Using your “G” hook, in Silver, ch 3.

2. Ch 1, turn. Sc 2 across. [2 sts]

3. Rep R2. [2 sts]

4. Rep R2. [2 sts]

5. Rep R2. [2 sts]

6. Rep R2. End off. [2 sts]


7. Attach Red, Ch 1, turn. Sc 2 across. [2 sts]

8 to 16. Rep R2. [2 sts]

17. Rep R2. End off. [2 sts]



Finishing Touches

At this point, you now have all the pieces you need to assemble your Emperor cozy. Use the tapestry needle with about 1 1/2 to 2 yards of black yarn to stitch on the arms. The bent arm should be angled so that the elbow is centered around the “waist” of the cozy. The other arm should be pointing upward, as though he is making a clawed hand near his head.

Now, with about one yard of red yarn on your tapestry needle, stitch the lightsaber on. The silver hilt will be tucked under his right hand, and the red light-blade will be angled upward.

This last part is a bit trickier. You’ll need about 1 1/2 to 2 yards of both the blue yarn and the white thread. Start with the blue yarn. Onto the left hand and slightly above it, begin embroidering on 3 rays of lightning. When you finish this, replace the blue yarn with the white thread. Repeat the same process with the thread, making sure it lines up along side the blue yarn exactly.




You should now have an Emperor coffee cozy. You can adjust the angles of the arms as you would like to have them, but I found that this placement works best for me. Now go forth, and join the dark side!

Be sure to leave me any comments or questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, tumblr, and instagram pages. Happy crafting!


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