Star Wars Temperature Blankets Project – Movie 1 – Final Blanket

The Final Product

Hello everyone! Finally! The last post for the “A New Hope” Star Wars Temperature Blanket is here! I must say, I love the way the blanket turned out. There are sunset colors throughout that almost seem to add to the warmth of the blanket. Even with such similarity throughout the color scheme because of the temperatures, there were still some unique color patterns for each month.

The blanket turned out to be a little longer than I had anticipated. But, at least for our household, it turned out to be a good idea. Since it was originally intended to be a throw blanket, it isn’t quite wide enough for a bed bigger than a twin, but because it was longer than intended, my husband and I are able to use the blanket simultaneously while each one of us is sitting across the couch from each other. The perfect length!

Month Summary

So, let’s do a recap! To make it simple to find each blog post, I’ll link to them below. In each one, you’ll find the temperature chart for a particular month. And for the first one you’ll find the yarn chart with assigned temperatures and instructions on how the pattern/concept for the blanket works. If you do make your own “A New Hope” Temperature Blanket, I’d love to see pictures.

Panels and Assembly

Regardless of having the monthly panels done, there is still a little work left to be done. I attached the panels together with a main color (black) by making small strips of 4×82 single crochet stitches for the vertical sides and attaching monthly rows by stitching on four long rows below and above them. This basically creates a frame for each panel to rest among and blend them together. I used the yarn Caron Simply Soft in black.

And now, for the title-panels! Attached to the links below are the PDF files I used to create the word panels for the top and bottom of the blanket. The top, as you can see, reads “Star Wars” in the standard Star Wars text. The bottom panel reads “A New Hope” as this is the blanket that corresponds to that particular film. You’ll want to adjust them as needed to fit your gauge better, but read each chart as a series of single crochet rows. I used the yarn Caron Simply Soft in black (for consistency with the rest of the blanket) and Caron Simply Soft in gold (for the letters to match the film design choice).

For the first panel, the “Star Wars” panel, I added  26 stitches extra than the chart required because the yarn itself, although also worsted weight like the rest of the blanket, seems to stitch up a little more tightly when it isn’t mixed with other yarns. So go ahead and add 13 stitches to each side (or as many as you need according to how you make your own stitches). The second panel, the “A New Hope” panel, also has 26 stitches added split between both sides.

NOTE: Adjust as needed for your own tastes and gauge.

Done and Done

After assembling the month-panels, strips, and title-panels it was time to put on a border. I kept mine simple, just doing a border in double crochets all the way around. But you can, of course, make yours as thin or thick or complicated or simple as you want.

Now that I’m done with this blanket, I am going to take a short break before I start on the “Empire Strikes Back” blanket, but that sequel project will come soon enough.

Until Next Time

Thanks for taking the time read the post! Leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages.

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