Star Wars Temperature Blankets Project – Movie 1 – Part 5

Almost There

Hello everyone! The time has flown by and I keep finding myself either busy or kinda sick and not up for crocheting. But I really want to see this blanket done, so I’ve picked up the project and stitched out a few more squares for the “A New Hope” Star Wars Temperature Blanket.



Previous Months

If you haven’t been caught up yet on the other months already finished, I’ll go ahead and post links down below:



Location Location Location

So this square has the temperatures for the month of May of 1977. The location for filming was Sidi Douhlel, Tozeur, Tunisia, but the closest I could find for the temperatures for that date were from Djerba, Tunisia. Either way, they are supposed to be for the Star Wars location of Tatooine.




Up Next

I’ll be posting in a little bit again with the square and temperatures for June of 1977 for the “A New Hope” blanket, so be sure to check for that too.


Leave a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!


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