Star Wars Temperature Blankets Project – Movie 1 – Part 7

And So It Goes

I know I should be completely done with this project by now, but I keep getting distracted with a bunch of other crochet projects. I can’t help it! I get an idea and I wanna try it. But I’ve decided to devote the last couple of months of the year to finishing the “A New Hope” Star Wars Temperature Blanket, so that by January I can begin on the next film temperature blanket, “The Empire Strikes Back.” This means I need to get off my butt and put together the temperature charts for that movie. But let’s finish up this blanket!

July of 1977

As you know by now, I’ve grabbed the historical temperatures for 1977 from specific filming or studio locations. For July, the location was Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England in the UK. Basically, Elstree Studio. The temperatures are in the chart below, so feel free to copy it for your own temperature project.

Comfy Colors

As you can see, the colors show the comfortable range of temperatures during that month in England. I’ve noted that most of the temperatures are going to be in that range, likely for most of the Star Wars blankets. At first, it’s a little boring, even if the colors are pretty. But on second thought, it actually got me kind of excited because that means when all the films are translated into temperature blankets, the project will show the wider range of temperatures. I mean, I’m totally looking forward to adding the panel with the temperatures from Hoth.

Next Time

Remember to check back next week because I’ll be posting the next panel for August. Leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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