Star Wars Temperature Blankets Project – Movie 2 – Part 1

The Star Wars Temperature Blanket Project Continues

Hello everyone! It’s been too long since my last post. I have found myself busy with school, family affairs, small contracts, writing, and managing my fibro symptoms. Life, it seems, is content to toss more tasks toward me than I have hours in the day to complete them. It certainly keeps me busy these days. Most of the time, I just want to nap. Heheh.

But I haven’t forgotten my big Star Wars Temperature Blankets Project. With the first blanket completed, I’m now on to the next one. If you want to see the last one (and all the temperature charts to make one too), you can go here: Star Wars “A New Hope”. It is the post of the finished blanket with links to the panel and chart for each month.

Now, we’re on to the next one! I have begun blanket for the 1980 Star Wars film, “The Empire Strikes Back”. And so far, it is shaping up to have a different color scheme than the “A New Hope” movie blanket.

First, I’ll setting up the project by explaining it, then I’ll jump right into the January panel. So let’s get going!

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Locations, Temperatures, and Colors


Just like the first blanket, I decided to use the filming locations as the basis for each month’s temperature chart. I found out, however, that for the second movie in the trilogy there were only two locations used. Elstree Studio in Hertfordshire, England (where most of it was set up) and in Hardangerjøkulen Glacier at Finse (for the opening scenes in Hoth).

It was too few locations, obviously, to split up into 12 months of panels. So what to do? Well, the obvious thing was to stretch it out. I alternated the locations over each month in a way that gave the blanket some color variation. Each temperature chart will have the location at the top so you can see where the temperatures are from.


Now for the tricky part. I thought it might be easier this time around, compared to the first blanket, to find the temperatures for the 1980 year and only two locations. Man, was I wrong! Again. It took some digging to find historical temperature records for the Hoth location, but after several hours of poking around the internet (thank you stubbornness!), I found them.

Just as before, the temperatures are taken in Fahrenheit degrees.

A quick side note on the year… Just like the first blanket, I chose the temperatures for the year the film was released. Hence, 1980.


As I stated in the initial Star Wars Temperature Blanket post, I am going for some kind of continuity with the colors from blanket to blanket. This means that I’m using the same temperature chart as before. (Chart below)

You may note that there are a couple different yarns from the original chart. This is because some of them were discontinued by the yarn companies part way through the project, so I’ve replaced them with others that are close in hue.

Crochet Pattern

My pattern will be the same as the last blanket as well. Each month will be stitched up into panels of 18 by 18 inches. The basic pattern is a single crochet and double crochet alternating in each row.

Begin with 63 chains. Single crochet (SC) in the second stitch from the hook. Double crochet (DC) in the next stitch. And alternate SCs and DCs until the end of the row. You should always start with a SC and end with a DC. Each row is the same.

Materials I’ll be using:

  1. size “I” hook (5.50mm)
  2. worsted weight yarn (medium, afghan, or aran weight)

Every panel has 60 rows total. Now, each month has different number of days in it (of course), so to account for this to fit it into the 60 rows, you’ll need to switch it up a bit. Pick a main color for your blanket; I chose black. Then you’ll do the following: [Note: 1980 is a leap year, so February has 29 days instead of 28.]

  • 30-Day Months: every day is 2 rows of the color for that day
  • 28-Day Month: start with 2 rows of the main color, do 56 rows for days 1-28 (2 rows per day), then 2 rows in the main color to end the square
  • 29-Day Month: start with 1 row in the main color, do 58 rows for days 1-29 (2 rows per day), then 1 row in the main color to end the square
  • 31-Day Months: day 1 is only one row, do 58 rows for day 2-30 (2 rows per day), then do 1 row for day 31

January Panel

For the first month’s panel, I assigned the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier filming location. It was probably the month with the coldest temperatures, which means you’ll get to use your purple yarns. As much as I like using the purples and blues, I just loved those teal and aqua hues alternated in between.

I work my panels upside down. Meaning, my day-1 is at the bottom as I work my way upward toward the last day of the month. When I assemble the blanket, I’ll just turn it over. But you can stitch up your panel any way you’d like. Whatever is easiest for you.

Until Next Time

That should get you started! Next week I’ll toss up the February panel and its temperature chart, so be sure to check back for it.

Leave me any comments or questions below. And remember you can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Good luck on your panel. Happy crafting!

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