Star Wars Temperature Blankets Project – Movie 2 – Part 3

Focus, What’s that?

Hello everyone! This week has been full of homework and lots of editing. I had a fiction short story assignment to complete for my class, and I just couldn’t get the words down on “paper”, so to speak. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get my mind to focus, and I realized quickly that it wasn’t just on the assignment. (Curse you, depression and fibro.)

Anything I tried to do, other than the repetitive stitching of an already-familiar crochet pattern, I simply couldn’t get my fuzzy thoughts to focus on long enough to be productive in a timely manner.  Thank goodness my husband took on the laundry this week because I’m pretty sure I would have put in a load and completely forgotten about it for days. Stinky laundry is not fun.

Eventually, I got the story finished and turned in! So one productive success on my own this week is pretty good. My husband was totally awesome and helped me with everything else. I am totally gonna bake him cookies.

But let’s get on to the next panel in the Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back” Temperature Blanket!

(Press the bar below to play the music. Note: this is from youtube, so an ad might play first)

Escaping the Empire

*in her best Rocky and Bullwinkle narrator voice*  When we last left our heroes… Heheh. So the last panel, the February panel, was stitched up with temperatures from Hoth (err, Norway, rather). The soundtrack I added for that post, “The Wampa’s Lair”, was the music for the scene where the Wampa captures Luke. Luke escapes, but, left without his trusty Tauntaun for transportation, he succumbs to the effects of hypothermia. It looks bleak for our hero! But fear not, for his close friend, the handsome rogue Han Solo, arrives just in time to keep him alive and return him back to the Rebel base. (At, uh…the expense of another tauntaun :/ )

Unfortunately, recovery time is short, and Vader has been sending out probe droids to locate the Rebel base, one of which Luke was investigating when the Wampa caught him. Time is up. The Empire has arrived on Hoth.

Intent on first taking out the base’s power generators, the Imperial fleet send down their AT-AT and AT-ST Walkers to attack. Luke and the other Rebel Fighters gear up and head out to meet them. The Battle of Hoth ensues! Pew pew pew!  *flails*  The heroes put forth a good effort, taking down several of the Empire’s armored transports and buying the others time to escape.

Outgunned and out-manned, the heroes must flee and regroup elsewhere. But even off the planet the Imperial fleet is waiting to capture and destroy any Rebel vessel they see. And unfortunately, they have locked their sights on the Millennium Falcon, where Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and C3PO are making their escape…right into an asteroid field. (Hence this post’s song selection!!)

March in The Asteroid Field

All that unnecessary exposition was to say that up next is the March panel, where the assigned filming location to pull temperatures from was the Elstree Studios in England where those scenes and the next were most likely filmed. Also, I needed an excuse to write ‘pew pew pew’.

Real quick… if you need the first two posts, I’ll link them below:

Temperatures and Colors

The temperatures for March of 1980 in London, England were leaning toward cooler weather. Not Hoth temperatures, mind you, but around low to mid 50°. A quick note here: Elstree Studios is actually located in Borehamwood, just north of London, but the closest I could find for historical temperatures in 1980 was from London.

It had an incremental increase in temperatures for March, which gave the color change the odd effect of creating distinct color blocks. I suggest making sure you have plenty of each roll, as you’ll need to get through a decent chunk with this one panel.


This Month, Next Month

For this panel, remember that March has 31 days in it. This means you’ll be following the 31-day row sequence of day 1 and 31 only having 1 row of color, instead of 2-rows per day as the rest of days will. This should keep your 60-row panel squares consistent.

The April panel is going to look similar to March, so be sure to have the next yellow yarns ready as the temperatures continue their slow increase.

Until Next Time

Thanks for taking the time read the post! Leave me a comment or any questions below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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