Stripes and Block Baby Blanket (part 2-Final)

For Vanessa’s Baby

I’m finally done with the stripes and blocks baby blanket for my coworker’s baby! The baby boy was born a few weeks ago and is adorable and healthy. I had to rush a little at the end there to finish up the last few inches, but I managed to crochet at the speed that allowed good progress without my fingers falling off. Yay me!


The last few times I settled in to crochet the blanket we migrated toward cafes and coffee houses. Oh the delicious espressos and teas I had! Vanilla Lavender Cappuccino. Steaming Masala Chai. Coconut Milk Green Tea Latte. And of course my favorite: simple black coffee. (Can you tell I like caffeine?)


For those who want to try the pattern out, I wish I could direct you to the blog where I found it, but it seems to be down permanently now. And the original company that made the pattern didn’t have the download either. I did, however, manage to download the pattern before it seems to have disappeared. So I’ll attach it here for you to download: CrochetStripedBlanket



Yarn So Soft

I gotta say, I’m in love with the colors I chose for the blanket. Each one ended up being so soft and had great drape. It’s a very nice combination of soft, cool colors. When I picked the yarn I tried to find a combination that had a similar thickness so the stitches would come out almost the same (no misshapen blanket for me!).


LionBrand Yarn Heartland Terrior in acadia (off white): 2 rolls


LionBrand Yarn Vanna’s Choice in taupe (brown): 2 rolls (technically 1 roll and a few extra yards)


Bernat yarns Satin in fern (green): 2 rolls (technically 1 roll and a few extra yards)


Bernat yarns Satin in Sage (aqua shade): 2 rolls (technically 1 roll and a few extra yards)


Around the End

When I finally reached a good length of rows, I added a final row in off white and turned around the corner to add border around the sides of the blanket. One row in single crochet and then another in half double crochet. This gave the blanket a nice blocky look to keep consistent with the stripes and color blocks that are created in the pattern.



Enjoying the Pattern

Overall the look of this pattern is so gorgeous. The basic idea of the pattern can be increased to make a larger blanket for an adult or older child. And a several color combinations would work wonderfully. I’m off to pack this present up to give to my coworker Vanessa for her baby. Try out the pattern too. Happy Crafting!





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