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Where does the time go?

Why is it that when I come up with an idea to blog about all my time seems to slip away?!  Wait, that’s an understatement… Time more seems to run away screaming than it does silently slip away.  So many projects, so little time!  The worse part is that I find myself losing my drive for my own projects.  Not cool!  So here I am looking for a little inspiration.

“Sterntaler” ceramic doilies by artist NeSpoon

And I found it!

Oh internets, the awesome things you hold just waiting for me to find!  Because early in June was International Yarnbombing Day, I have been interested in finding textile artists of all kinds.  And my goodness, did I find them!  Knitting, crocheting, weaving, cross-stitching, ceramic to look like yarn!  With yarn, with rope, with twine, with wires, with glass, with plastic bags!  You name it, they have used it.  And it looks awesome!

by artist Nathan Vincent

So if you feel stuck too…

These artists have made some wonderful things.  They have presented their work in some interesting places.  They all make you stop and look.  And the one thing I love best, is that it inspires me to pick up my hook and my yarn and keep working to create.  My items are certainly not as inspiring as theirs, but it makes me happy to do it.  So here are some of the interesting artists I found.  Let them inspire you!

Namaste, Bhai! Namaste, Didi! by artist Carol Hummel (Seriously, you have to click on this image and read what she did; it’s touching.)

And now to share!

Note: each image should link back to the original source.

Check out NeSpoon’s work! The mediums of this artist all seem to be centered around lace in some way. Either installing doilies and lace in torn down places, street art with painted lace on walls of abandoned buildings, or ceramic tiles made to look like doily designs, the artist has a knack for softening the rough-n-tumble places or public parks with the installations of her art.Her website is totally worth checking out to see what else she has done!

by artist NeSpoon


Ceramic Doily, shaped, molded, and painted by artist NeSpoon


Forty Forty Project Doilies by artist NeSpoon

Carol Hummel is another of these talented textile artists. And goodness! Does she have an impressive resume/CV! Ms. Hummel has been working as an artist for many years. She’s won awards for her work, has been featured in exhibits all over the world, and teaches at universities and workshops. And is the Founder/International Coordinator of the Raghurajpur International Art/Craft Exchange (RIA/CE) in Raghurajpur, Orissa, India.

Dump at Steamboat by artist Carol Hummel

Aspen Invasion-Steamboat Springs by artist Carol Hummel

Unraveling by artist Carol Hummel


Ingrid Zambrano is a crochet artist responsible for making these next crochet sculptures. She began her work actually making crochet dolls and thene xpanded into trying her hand at these awesome and interesting textile sculptures.

Stackable Sculpture by artist Ingrid Zambrano

Stackable Sculpture in green by artist Ingrid Zambrano

Crystal Gregory has wonderful textile related art work. Take a peek at her website and gallery; she includes explanations for her pieces and installations along with several images from many of her art works. She has a unique mixture of textile and lace with hard and rough objects, such as bricks, metal, cement, or glass, trying to tap into the coorelation between these kinds of objects and what they are associated with.

Foundation by Crystal Gregory

Waterpod by Crystal Gregory


Nathan Vincent is a great artist using his work  to explore traditional gender roles in our societies. He does this by creating pieces of art that are objects of either masculine or feminine persuasion BUT using a medium that is traditionally seen something the opposite sex would use. This forces viewers of his work to consciously consider what these images and objects ‘mean’ while connecting them to the hard work done with the medium they are presented in.

The Rock by artist Nathan Vincent

Locker Room by artist Nathan Vincent (can you believe that is all crocheted!?)

Gas Mask (black) by artist Nathan Vincent


‘Til next time!

I hope you enjoyed these artists.  I’ll be posting more soon enough.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about these or other textile artists you’ve seen.  You can also find me on Facebook!

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