Yarn Heart Garland DIY

Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone! So…Valentine’s Day is coming up in about a week or so, and I wanted to do something awesomely cheesy to decorate my new apartment for the holiday. So I did! My cousin Cory helped me round up the other cousins for a day of video games, crafting, baking, and tacos. Nothing says love like tacos. Heh.


Michaels DIY

Cory and I liked the simple Yarn Hearts DIY from Michaels Craft Store we found online. The video and instructions can be found here. It’s super fast and easy (and can be customized for other holidays!).


We grabbed a styrofoam board, some heart-shaped cookie cutters, and colorful yarn and got started.


Rainbow Hearts

One of my favorite legends about one of the first Saint Valentines is the story about him performing marriages that were forbidden by Roman law. They were rules put in place to keep the soldiers of Rome focused on their military duty and to encourage them to form stronger bonds with their fellow soldiers, hopefully making them more reliable to one another while they served. But one has to wonder, even with these solid friendships, how empty certain parts of them might have felt not being able to acknowledge innate, intimate feelings they may be forming for someone else. If the legends are remotely true, that Valentine performed secret marriages, it is a nice thought to know he facilitated two people who wanted to be together.


Nothing says love like being able to openly acknowledge your innate affections for someone you have come to love. Well…that and tacos.

In light of recent historical events concerning marriage and my family’s support of it, a rainbow for Valentine’s Day seemed perfect for my home.


‘Til Next Time

This was a quick craft that was perfect for us to do because we have terrible attention spans when we’re all together; because of this, I recommend it for kids or short-attention-span adults. As a group craft it was just what we needed to split up a couple of hearts per person to make the rainbow garland fast. With just one person making it, it can be pretty fast too, which makes this ideal for the lazy crafters and the crafters that are pressed for time.


Share your thoughts with me in a comment or question below. You can also find me on the Family Craft Studio facebook, instagram, tumblr, and pinterest pages. Happy crafting!

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